Ninja Mushroom

Ninja Mushroom, a freeware game developed by Dennatolich
Ninja Mushroom has been developed by Dennatolich
Move blocks right or left by clicking on them to provide a safe passage for our hero, Ninja Mushroom, to the Golden Stump.

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Game Reviews

Josepharzac and Badgirl please stop fighting! :(
ninja mashroom hahahahahaha what a name
kinda cool and if ur gonna minus my comment fck off if ur gonna add add me as a friend :)
i only played it becuz it had ninja in it .....so yeah
i cant pass level five noooooooo!!!!
This game is so hard, made my mind go blowing
this game is very cool ...also because I like mashrooms :DDD
I like the mushroom it's very cute
What the hell guys >:( I make 39541 score that is the biggest score in this game but when I try to submit it Nothing Happens. I waste nearly my 1 hour on this game I have a screen shot of my score. where can I complain them That they just waste my 1 hour. also I not get 10 points of score 20000 -> 10 points.
lol....... you´re a StupidGirl.
get a life noob i only use this web when i bored as hell
go play outside or something, go excercise you fatass, your probably a 15 year old fatass that doesnt wanna get off the computer..... hope the truth doesnt hurt ;)
as usual you, josepharzac, you were, and are a mistake of nature. as the game you defend it with such verve / zeal.
lol you make me laugh lil 15 year old nerd, stop usin teh computer!!!! no wonder you got no life -__-