Musaic Box

Musaic Box, a freeware game developed by Kranx Productions
Musaic Box has been developed by Kranx Productions
Using tiles that represent individual musician's portions of a song, arrange the pieces on the grid and listen to the results. Musaic requires not just logic but a sense of musicality.

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Game Reviews

I think that everyone should comment about the game, not who posted first. It doesn't make any sense, you won't get any special present based on how many games you've posted on "1st", AND, you show everybody how desperately you've spent so many hours on the net searching for new games just to do nothing. I always wanted to know.. you find this new game first, ok. Do you even play it? Get over it.
btw lovely game
elmo101 I just gave my opinion :) If there are still people who want to literally kill their time by posting stupid comments like "1st, 2nd" etc, at least we could just ignore them. As somebody here said, some people are too lazy!! Lol. So, back to the game ;) I got stuck and gave up but I'll try again later :P It's pretty cool though!
wassup ma dude say sumtin
WTF is this?... Who the hell gives a crap about 1st or 2nd or 10th thats it and you guys, Elmo101 you don't have to make a whole big deal out of it if you were smart you would just ignore it and so what if it's 2012? WTF?
I agree with elmo101 and Gothica but DERGAMI, you just made their posts look like poo. Nice one. Exactly. Oh and I haven't tried the game eyt.
Personally, I don't like the game. In the beginning there is alot of pieces that tell you whatto do and they wont shutup.
elmo smash! hahaha
this game is wonderfull..to easy and with beatiful and most classical songs!enjoy it!!
O.M.JESUS who still does 1st and 2nd comment anymore..........it was o.k. in 2011 but its 2012.when are you people gonna wake yourselves up and finally realize that people move from gay stuff like this........the 1st and 2nd comment game is over and done with........say good bye,kids.
ok Gothica22 has a point and you dont so all you do is tell us to shut up wow nice come back im pretty sure my 3 year old cousin can come up with that one but still,when you guys do that first and second comment atleast say something about the game or there is no point to comment........dont have something to say aboout the game then dont comment at all......Thanks for having my back Gothica22 :)
hey,hey,hey what the hell is going on in here?!
you see that at least she commented on the game and didn't do that 1st and 2nd comment crap.....thank you Badgirl :)
This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome <3