Jungle Magic

Jungle Magic, a freeware game developed by Ryz
Jungle Magic has been developed by Ryz & Eloku
Clear out all the colorful blocks keeping a fragment from reaching the bottom of the play screen in order to collect it; once you've pocketed all of the talisman parts, you're off to the next level.
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Game Reviews

First :D ant played it it looks lame :D
LV 9PenguinOnDope(9 years ago)
it's pretty good, but the game actually plays itself.
LV 9THEBIGCHILL(9 years ago)
it real
LV 4mybigego(9 years ago)
i dont have to do much to play this game...:(
LV 5BpluzP(8 years ago)
for me, it won't load
LV 12nightsblood(1 year ago)