Four Boxes

Four Boxes is an casual physics based puzzle game with blocks developed by Turb Rono
Four Boxes has been developed by Turb Rono, Liu Wong & ZverYshka
Remove all the red cubes off the screen. You can split the color cube into smaller - 4 cubes. Remember - the number splits is limited. Less splits - the more stars you get.
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Game Reviews

LoL kinda hard but cool game :]
LV 1(5 years ago)
Here's how you beat level 20: Click the big red square so that it is now 4 On the right, click the bottom blue square and then quickly click the top right blue square (1/4 of the original blue square) As it's falling, click the bottom right fourth of the original blue square. It takes good timing and several tries- I tried hundreds of different combos and spent over an hour trying to figure it out Hope this helps!
LV 1BenNorthrup(5 years ago)
Very fun game!
LV 7MissMiss(5 years ago)
fun but hard :D i like it but couldn't finish it xD level 18 is hard xD
LV 9Nabilkhattab(5 years ago)
Why i cant submit my score????
LV 9dexterous(4 years ago)
This game is so cool! It's not that hard... Once you get the hang of it. ♥
LV 11Aguywholikespancakes(5 years ago)
Very fun once you get the hang of it :)
LV 8psyborgrey(5 years ago)
hard men really
LV 1crookeDUsagi(5 years ago)
I think I was stuck on like the 4th level ...
LV 4phoenix123(5 years ago)
help level 18 is hard love game tho
LV 13kevinjj(5 years ago)