Cube Droid

Cube Droid, a freeware game developed by DevilishGames
Cube Droid has been developed by DevilishGames
Large metal cubes and robots started covering the surfaces of the planets of the galaxy, endangering the lives of their entire populations. Help Cube Droid, a retired military robot and to remove the batteries which hold the cubes together. Use arrows to move, push blocks and grab all batteries before you can enter exits.
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Game Reviews

were is the freekin badges
Cool game and yes, badges would've made this a real winner.
4th and hi spy
no badges? come on!!!
its goooood and hey SilenT
still, pretty good game.
this game is good, nice and good :D
mincraft robots!!!!!!!!!!!
it's nice, i liked this :)
hii first and no one here lol