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pretty good.
LV 9THEBIGCHILL(8 years ago)
LV 7sarakeno(8 years ago)
how can i get out???
LV 1Mate(8 years ago)
click behind the table for the paper clip-go to the right,flip over the carpet-keep going right,click under the bench for sizzors-again go right,get the pole ant the funny shapes that have no use in this game,click on the tee cup-then click on the gold keys behind it,g o left 2 times click on the gray box-click on the key hole-the box will open,bet the hammer-go back to the carpet that you should have fliped over,hit the carpet with the hammer..O.M.G. YOU CAN SEE THE BOMB!!!sorry,then click on the pole that you have,conect it with the papper clip, then click on the little hook contraption you made,pull out the bomb,the bomb is on the floor,use the sizzors,THIS PART IS IMPORTANT!! first cut the BLUE,then the RED,next the GREEN,last and least the YELLOW!! do it in that order and you shouldnt blow up and die,then you will get mad at yourself because you cut the wrong one!!!DONT DO THAT!!!
LV 3boogeyman/girl/(8 years ago)
nice and easy...... except the last part of ctting the wires and boggeygurl helped thanxxx
LV 2Impossible(8 years ago)
why does it say play again? you know what to do now!
LV 4terminator(7 years ago)
thx for help boggey man girl
LV 16killerbee99(7 years ago)
way to easy
LV 5jdawg601(7 years ago)