Puzzle Games

Play 'Lamp and Vamp', a turn based pixel game with vampires developed by Fabien Riffaud

by Fabien Riffaud

An addictive turn-based stealth game where you have to guide our pixelated vampire to the coffin....
Play 'Ib', a freeware horror adventure game developed by Kouri

by Kouri

Survive a night of terror inside an art gallery where the exhibitions started to come back to life.
4.85download required
Play 'Grow Park', a theme park builder game developed by EyeMaze

by EyeMaze

A fun little time-waster to cure your boredom. Use your logic to build an awesome fun park by cli...
Play 'The Last Door: Chapter 4', a the 4th part of the popular series The Last Door, an indie point and click adventure game with scary developed by theGameKitchen. This game features badges.

by theGameKitchen

Chapter 4 of the popular horror adventure game, The Last Door. Will detective Jeremiah Devitt fin...
4.72badges enabled(1)
Play 'Misao', a exploration horror adventure game with great storyline and gameplay developed by Sen

by Sen

Hear the tragic story of Misao, a lonely girl who mysteriously vanished. Her classmates are sayin...
4.68download required
Play 'Stealing the Diamond' developed by PuffballsUnited

by PuffballsUnited

Help Stick figure out a way to steal the Tunisian Diamond from the city museum. There are three d...
Play 'Nekra Psaria Part 2', a creepy point and click adventure game developed by DrawManEater

by DrawManEater

Once again our protagonist, Johnny-boy finds himself trapped inside the bizarre world of Nekra Ps...
Play 'Haunt The House' developed by Adam Vian

by Adam Vian

Midnight approaches and it's time to reclaim your once peaceful home! Haunt through the house u...
Play 'Deeper Sleep', a scary point and click adventure game with creepy game-play and storyline developed by ScriptWelder. This game features badges.

by ScriptWelder

The sequel to Deep Sleep, a horror point'n'click adventure you should not miss. The nightmare ret...
4.64badges enabled(4)
Play 'Nekra Psaria Part 1', a bizzare point and click adventure game developed by DrawManEater

by DrawManEater

Help our couch potato, Johny boy, to find a source of fuel for his generator cause it ran out of ...
Play 'Bartender' developed by

Unknown Author

Fun cocktail mixing game for cocktail connoisseurs. Our barman Miguel is in your hands, but watch...
Play 'A Rabbit Fable', a creepy adventure point and click developed by AntennariaGames

by AntennariaGames

A rabbit wants to live in the land he had always dreamed of, but being rejected he finds himself ...
Play 'Mushroom Cloud', a island destruction game with addictive gameplay and pixel graphics developed by R4

by R4

Explode different worlds using powerful bombs. Each mission has different tasks so make sure to r...
Play 'Doodle God' developed by JoyBits

by JoyBits

Play as the Doodle God and start mixing different elements to create new ones, from bacteria and ...
Play 'Failman', a funny point and click game with superheroes developed by ppllaayy

by ppllaayy

Would you like to be the real hero? Help our masked wannabe superhero, Failman to play pranks on ...
Play 'Sieger' developed by Anton Fedoruk

by Anton Fedoruk

Destroy castles by smashing their supporting blocks and kill all the defenders inside them. The f...
Play 'Colorful', a colorful puzzle-platformer developed by Gonzalo Uribe

by Gonzalo Uribe

Your task in this cute puzzle-platformer is to paint blocks in the desired colors. Use the color ...
Play 'Searching for the Elephant', a cute point and click adventure game with nice atmosphere and great puzzles and mini-games developed by Marvelmate

by Marvelmate

Help the cute bear in his quest of finding his best friend, mr Elephant. Solve different puzzles ...