The Price

The Price is an artsy point-and-click story developed by Flip-N-Tale
The Price has been developed by Flip-N-Tale
Once upon a time, in a different world and time, not all were equal. It was a time of rulers, and those who ruled. Between those two a wall was erected. But love knew no boundaries. Forbidden love grew through the cracks in the wall. The baron's daughter, in the arms of the field laborer. A hopeless love. Soon discovered, the baron's men were on his heels.
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Game Reviews

Can someone tell me the code for the clock tower because I am just too blind to see what the code it.
LV 1ladybug93(5 years ago)
It was very interesting. If you like this game you should try Loondon it's by Flip-n-Tale also. ^^
LV 4exotic123(5 years ago)
I liked the artwork and the sound effects, the story was touching and true. I also appreciated the puzzles, they were simple but not childish or frustrating to the point that they detracted from the story. Good job!
LV 1City0rdinance(5 years ago)
if you need help on the clock tower the code is half son, lightning bolt, half son, snake. Hope it helps ^~^
LV 2SoullessAngel(4 years ago)
What a beautiful game.... but its soo sad
LV 9moterthemomo(5 years ago)
soo sad, wanna cry :( i like the game though, very beautiful, love the music and artwork , really touching, kind of depressing ending though...
LV 4NARWAL79(5 years ago)
Wow!!! This game is awesome! Damn... it really did come with a Price.
LV 5Ayami(5 years ago)
I managed to get both the good and bad ending, though the good ending was somewhat hard to get. Given the fact that the visual style, sound and the amount of work that went into making this, the game is beautifully done. I think that this game is intended to be played on touch screen, trying to point and click my mouse fast enough is rather difficult.
LV 20rick_02(5 years ago)
How do i get past the alligator? I'm stuck :{
LV 1Taratopia77(4 years ago)
WOW. JUST.......WOW. AMAZING STORY!!!!!!!!!!
LV 1Tank13x(5 years ago)