Tainted Olive: Chapter 2

Tainted Olive: Chapter 2 is an point and click adventure game set in medieval times developed by Vlatko Goljevacki
Tainted Olive: Chapter 2 has been developed by Vlatko Goljevacki, Nikola Banko & Petar Popic Mileusnic
Here comes the second part of the popular point and click/text-based adventure game, Tainted Olive. Once again, play in the footsteps of Silvian, a wayward adventurer with a magic crystal, and discover who controls the olive oil, the most useful magical substance in this world of magic and war.
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Game Reviews

rate-3 pretty kool just not much on text based games
Pretty good! Though I can't seem to find the 3rd ingrediant....Unless i was supposed to use the wood....ah cruds I dun goofed T-T
second comment