Tainted Olive: Chapter 1

Tainted Olive: Chapter 1 is an dark fantasy text-based/point and click adventure game with hand-drawn artwork and great storyline developed by Vlatko Goljevacki
Tainted Olive: Chapter 1 has been developed by Vlatko Goljevacki, Nikola Banko & Petar Popic Mileusnic
An unsettling point and click adventure game set in the dark medieval ages. You play as Silvian, an retired soldier who apparently ran out of luck on his last game of dice against someone from the local Thieves Guild. Now, he finds himself in a lot of trouble and must find a way to cover his debt or he will be killed.
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Game Reviews

Not bad, I just wish it were longer. Worth the play, though.
LV 6Joedub(3 years ago)
rate-2 booring
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(1 year ago)