Slime Laboratory

Slime Laboratory is an pixel-based platformer for kids developed by Neutronized
Slime Laboratory has been developed by Neutronized
Help our slimy dude find a way out of the laboratory in one piece. Use his abilities to navigate through levels avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Can you squeeze your way out of the laboratory?
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Game Reviews

Nice game but for babies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
the game is for kids but is fun to play and all this shit posted by LETSPLAYM1 and INTENSEGAM1NG like posting comment saying names pressing f6 and apparence of name of crush and if not posted bad luck comes is just a big fat lie come on guys grow up stop believing in childish lies plz With due respect...bloodymary07(AMY)
When you speak of rules in life.. there are two kinds... One is "When you are born you must die"... The second is "there are no rules"... Like that this game is funny, I doubt that it is for 7 years old child but nice game though…
well i like it and im proud to be called a baby :3
this looks fun
this game is ridiculous it so lame and i think a little more thought should have gone into it
This is a great game.....for 7 years olds
cant do level three
Nice game and nice developer too