Pac in Time

Pac in Time is an retro platform game adventure with Pacman developed by Atreid Concept
Pac in Time has been developed by Atreid Concept
Our hero Pacman has not always been the cool video game dude we know. Only because the evil ghost witch and her flunkies, the ghost monsters, invaded his world was Pacman forced to survive so many events. One day, the evil witch cast an forbidden spell on our hero ripping him from his family and hurling him through time. In order to get back to his family, Pacman must travel through the distant land and penetrate the witch's castle.
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Game Reviews

disliked- the bottom part of the screen wasent showing properly, theres too much of a storyline that you couldnt read properyl anyway, you scroll down and it scrolls down the actuall page so you end up on comments.....
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(11 months ago)