Johnny Upgrade

Johnny Upgrade is an run and jump arcade game with tons of upgrades developed by WhileWorking
Johnny Upgrade has been developed by WhileWorking
Oh no! Our World is under alien siege and our cartoon hero Johnny Upgrade lacks the skills to mess with them! Collect coins and buy him some awesome upgrades. Hurry until is not too late!
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Game Reviews

cool game idea :)
LV 19Metalmadness(6 years ago)
its AWESOME :))
LV 7Sweetcakes27(6 years ago)
after awhile it gets boring :l
LV 7babywolf99(5 years ago)
this game is good.... :)
LV 3sweetypie1233(5 years ago)
A fairly easy game, once you've finished the game once. As Metal said - this is a very great and unique game idea and I hope to see more of these types of games in the future :)
LV 8Tonyphilia(6 years ago)
reached gold and still did not get it
LV 13kevinjj(6 years ago)
i love this game
LV 8hira(5 years ago)
i think this game cool !
LV 5rnrf(6 years ago)
LV 4coolman(6 years ago)
puta tong laro an to!
LV 1(6 years ago)