Game Reviews

I like dis game, its cool and the one of the onlygames i can play very well...
1. hehe first place ^-^ and 2. aww.... i pushed my other acc to fourth place.
didn't thought this game would have a second one. this game is great! definitely better than the first, since this game has power-ups and a little more twist to it :) too bad there isn't any badge though...
LOL awsome , this second version is great :D
this game is too good :)
HAHA! awesomness!
3 yea wat up niko
when it loads to play and your looking in the commants something coll comes on sorry demonboy1234
i like this game!!!!!! its added to my favorites lol
Hop and Bop games become quite addicting, and this game is addicting.
Ya bob hurry up!
the voice acting is aesome
Best Game.... Actually one of the best game i have ever played :D
i love this game!