Firebug, a freeware game developed by thePodge
Firebug has been developed by thePodge
Get to the end of each level before it completely burns away. Keep in mind that everything Firebug touches burns!
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Game Reviews

Stop saying to send this on 5 games then logg off and you will get 1000 points!! IT DOES NOT WORK! IT IS JUST SPAM! DONT Do it guys!!!
its a cool game....!! vote if u agree....
this is like flambo in ADVENTURETIME |=[]======>
awesome game...!! :)
Well The Game Looks Easy But Some Of The Levels Just .___.
beated this game hope yall can also
WELL i should say nice game
I love this game <3
this is so sweet :D i just love that bug xd
pretty cool game, some levels though are a bit difficult...
Solid game. A good way to past the time. Is there a mobile version? I'd like to get into that.
it is cute and kool
luck game so luck