Dangerous Dungeons

Dangerous Dungeons is an retro adventure platformer developed by AdventureIsl
Dangerous Dungeons has been developed by AdventureIslands
Help Timmy, our little treasure hunter in his quest of finding the treasure of The Dark Dungeons.
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Game Reviews

i have played this game befor and it rocks.
LV 3BabyPanda(6 years ago)
i almpst beat this game but then i forgot to save my score :( its easy when you get the hang of it.
LV 7Amerogin(5 years ago)
this game is weird and very hard
LV 1pandadrop(6 years ago)
i love this game even though its hard<333333
LV 1PinkMink25(6 years ago)
There should be a badge for "Died multiple times" I'd have it by now :P
LV 8SouthSideSuicide(5 years ago)
Its ok
LV 12nightsblood(12 months ago)
this game is so hard
LV 1PinkMink25(6 years ago)
i don't know what im supposed to do?
LV 1(6 years ago)
send this on 5 game comments and then log off and then log on then press f5 you will have 1000 points
LV 7saadmansuri(6 years ago)
FIRST TO COMMENT THE GAME! :P And.. I like the game. But It gets boring after awhile. :( But fun game tho. :)
LV 4Xzerodoll(6 years ago)