Charlie The Duck

Charlie The Duck, a freeware game developed by Wiering Software
Charlie The Duck has been developed by Wiering Software
Collect all the diamonds and coins you can find and watch out for dangerous creatures. Jump on top of enemies to defeat them.
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Game Reviews

its bobings
LV 1(9 years ago)
its ok
LV 1(9 years ago)
Hmm...Idk about this game but ill favorite it anyway
LV 1(9 years ago)
diz game is kind of fun but not all the way add me!
LV 1(8 years ago)
an ok game no my thing thoo
LV 5BpluzP(7 years ago)
LV 1carlisle(3 years ago)
this game is so gay !
LV 1(9 years ago)
add me:)<3
LV 6Pangirl(8 years ago)