Caribbean Admiral

Caribbean Admiral is an turn-based strategy game with pirates developed by Vogd
Caribbean Admiral has been developed by Vogd
Play as the Caribbean Admiral and clear the seas from pirate scum. Trade goods, upgrade your fleet and fight pirates. Collect stars for achievements and use them to improve your ships.
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Game Reviews

How to defeat last citys pirates i improved my ships to max but still they beat me
LV 1starseeker(5 years ago)
I found it impossible to win that last battle :/
LV 1Napis(5 years ago)
rate 2 too confusing tbh
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(12 months ago)
LV 3zkpsge(5 years ago)
i ran out of gold now how am i supposed to upgrade my ship!!!!! good game though. 11 out of ten
LV 9moterthemomo(5 years ago)
Oh yes turns out there is more advanced ships but you have to drag the menu to see them hardly a challenge
LV 1starseeker(5 years ago)
this is my type of game
LV 3DanteKing(5 years ago)