Artillery Rush

Artillery Rush is an artillery flash game with cute graphics and great physics developed by Andrew Borisov
Artillery Rush has been developed by Andrew Borisov, Dmitry Borisov & Oleg Akimov
Welcome to World War 2 cadet! Today's mission is to blow the enemies to smithereens! Try to earn as many stars as possible in the process. Use the awesome cannon to destroy enemy units, buildings, towers and such!

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Game Reviews

Wow...... Spyware293 has unbelievably insane high score.
LV 13Rammy(6 years ago)
Be a man and play games without using cheats . normally no one can get more than 300000 points in this game . Now look at Vezon and Spyware
LV 9Mr314(5 years ago)
its a lot like angry birds
LV 1beeeeeeeeeen(4 years ago)
LV 4lyraheartstrings(5 years ago)
i have the score of 252340 and its not giving me my gold badge or my highscore???
LV 8kaforia(5 years ago)
what game its gooood
LV 3shahab(5 years ago)
heh interesting like many games made this way
LV 2DrakeGreat(5 years ago)
i like this game :')
LV 3SuzukiAkira(6 years ago)
it was ok
LV 2mileycyrusmywifexo(6 years ago)
Angry Birds? =P
LV 3Fer11D(5 years ago)
247000 is my score -.- its not getting submitted :'(
LV 3thedarkprincess(5 years ago)
friking germans
LV 1EntertaiinmenT(5 years ago)
LV 582244(5 years ago)
LV 3TRUE_l0ver(5 years ago)