Murder is an one-button only type of game with funny topic developed by Anselm Pyta
Murder has been developed by Anselm Pyta & Benedikt Hummel
You always wanted to be The King and now it's your chance to become one! Sneak after the king and use your trusty knife to kill him and take his crown! Once you have his crown watch out for other King wannabes!
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Game Reviews

Super murdering game and nice sound
LV 8MadSaveges1000(4 years ago)
Lol this is very fun when you're bored ;)
LV 1PurpleGurl(4 years ago)
fun and amazing game,they did realy good with the sound but I wish it is was longer but I still think its great!
LV 4camcarzy8741(4 years ago)
that was goooooood
LV 5KateL(3 years ago)
very funny game but also very fun to play :P
LV 1KittyKatcutie(3 years ago)
dat loop doe
LV 3ThatsRight(3 years ago)
it's fun!
LV 13nightsblood(2 years ago)
the fan= marry and have kids/marrying a stalker LOL!! butler with red drink= awesome taste butler with green drink=poison death jester=kill with a knife and throw crown at the pooping man
LV 2spikykick11(4 years ago)
Not killing drink the potion from the guy with the red drink and you will become immortal.
LV 10003333(4 years ago)
awesome freaking game
LV 1awesomesauce41(4 years ago)
its really funny, cause when you kill the king you just go inside hes underwear and take his dirty clothes/robe. And cause it keeps going and going until he/the king. gets older xD XOXO
LV 1FantasticUnicorn(4 years ago)
this game was amazing....can someone please tell me how to get points and change my profile pic? im a newbie .-.
LV 1GummieBear247(4 years ago)
the perks of being a murderer
LV 1FarisPlaysGames(4 years ago)
so funny :)
LV 1FarisPlaysGames(4 years ago)