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Soccer Physics is a two players physics based one button soccer game developed by Otto-Ville Ojala and playable on GameShed.comSoccer Physicsphysics 2 playersby Otto-Ville Ojala - Play a physics based soccer game against the computer or your fri...14.41
Failman is a funny point and click game with superheroes developed by ppllaayy and playable on GameShed.comFailmanfunnypoint'n'clickby ppllaayy - Would you like to be the real hero? Help our masked wannabe superhero, Fa...14.70
It Moves is a top down horror game based on a short story by Michael Whitehouse developed by SnowOwl and playable on GameShed.comIt Movesscary horror ghostby SnowOwl - Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for tired children; for me it was ...14.75
An All Hallow's Tale is a shory adventure point and click Halloween game developed by Aasta L. Otnes & Regan Music and playable on GameShed.comAn All Hallow's Taleadventure ghost 3dby Aasta L. Otnes - On an All Hallow's Eve you come to find yourself in a strange place...13.03
McLeft LeRight is a mirrored puzzle game with cute characters and challenging puzzles developed by Yaroslav Borodkin & Matvey Ivanov and playable on GameShed.comMcLeft LeRightpuzzle platformby Yaroslav Borodkin - Help Mr McLeft and Mrs LeRight meet in front of the door. Collec...14.52
Typocalypse 3D is a typing based 3d zombie shooting game developed by Andreas Grech & Cameron Saliba and playable on GameShed.comTypocalypse 3Dzombie skill typingby Andreas Grech - Kill the incoming zombies by accurately typing the words above their...14.02
The Last Door: Chapter 4 is a the 4th part of the popular series The Last Door, an indie point and click adventure game with scary developed by theGameKitchen and playable on This game features badges.The Last Door: Chapter 4scary adventureby theGameKitchen - Following Alexandre's advice, Jeremiah Devitt travels to the parish...14.69
Kiwi 64 is a colorful 3d adventure game with a cute looking kiwi bird developed by Marcus Horn and playable on GameShed.comKiwi 64funny 3d collectby Marcus Horn - Join Kiwi in his adventure to defeat the Evil Melon on top of the moun...14.20
Flash's Bounty is a turn based fantasy game inspired from the popular video game, Heroes of Might and Magic developed by ZyBy and playable on GameShed.comFlash's Bountyturn based adventureby ZyBy - Turn based fantasy game inspired from the popular PC game, Heroes of Might an...14.30
Back to Zombieland is a running game with zombies and upgrades developed by Alexey Testov, Andriy Vinchkovskiy & Alexander Ahura and playable on GameShed.comBack to Zombielandupgrades launchby Alexey Testov - Help our funny looking zombie to get back to the Zombieland while he...13.65
Stick Squad is a stick shooting game with compelling story-line and upgrades developed by BrutalStudios and playable on GameShed.comStick Squadstick sniper actionby BrutalStudios - Our nuclear missile R-32 has been stolen by Kane Foster, some Austra...14.63
Eien is a challenging point and click maze game developed by Jacek Witczynski & Mateusz Skutnik and playable on GameShed.comEienescape maze puzzleby Jacek Witczynski - I remember darkness and silence everywhere but now something has ...13.73
Rogue Soul 2 is a cute running game with upgrades developed by SoulGame Studio and playable on GameShed.comRogue Soul 2running thief avoidby SoulGame Studio - A cute side-scrolling running game with tons of upgrades and enemi...14.38
Little Phobia is a horror platformer with puzzles and good scares developed by Deqaf Studio and playable on GameShed.comLittle Phobiascary horror witchby Deqaf Studio - Help the boy overcome his phobia while he sets out on an adventurous ...14.50
Tricky Fish is a physics based arcade game with fishes developed by MaxGames and playable on GameShed.comTricky Fishphysics launch fishby MaxGames - Help our little fellow to collect pearls and stars while avoiding traps. ...14.44
Troll Tale is a funny point and click adventure game for kids developed by ppllaayy and playable on GameShed.comTroll Talepoint'n'click funnyby ppllaayy - Help our cute little troll to have the time of his life in this great fun...14.23
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 2 is a slenderman game inspired from dead space developed by Poison Games and playable on GameShed.comSlenderman Must Die: Chapter 2slenderman scary 3dby Poison Games - The year 24966. Your spaceship ran out of energy, You had to dock on ...14.64
Jeff Attack is a game based on creepy pasta Jeff the killer developed by Goldkat Games and playable on GameShed.comJeff Attackscary horror 3dby Goldkat Games - This game is based on true facts. Everything seemed very normal that...13.51
Burn Everything is a casual puzzle game for pyromaniacs developed by  and playable on GameShed.comBurn Everythingpuzzle pyromaniacYour task is simple...set everything on fire! Drag the match to the ...13.56
Surrounded by Death is a 3d zombie killing game developed by Leepo, Zylex, Leo & Steve Ballard and playable on GameShed.comSurrounded by Deathzombie killing 3dby Leepo - Protect the shelter at all costs! Kill the zombies and use the money to repa...14.19
Range of the Dead is a zombie shooting sniper game developed by Evil Dog and playable on GameShed.comRange of the Deadsniper zombie actionby Evil Dog - Test your sniper skills in this great zombie shooting game. The game want...14.58
Merry Christmas Alfred Robbins is a bloody point and click adventure game developed by Abe Kaxrud, Jake Milner, Babar Kemal & Chris Jones and playable on GameShed.comMerry Christmas Alfred Robbinshorror psychopathby Abe Kaxrud - You're Alfred Robbins.. You're 42 years old and work at a local post of...14.22
Wait is a mystery horror game inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series developed by rest.less Games and playable on GameShed.comWaitscary creepy sci fiby rest.less Games - And there I stand, fed and alone, my heart is heavy as a stone. My...14.45
Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery is a fun online detective game developed by Caramel Games and playable on GameShed.comSherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mysterydetective puzzleby Caramel Games - Someone has murdered Mr.T, the owner of some local tea shop and it's...14.47
The Sound of Darkness is a text based horror adventure game developed by The Bowtie Boss and playable on GameShed.comThe Sound of Darknessscary text basedby The Bowtie Boss - You awake to the sound of darkness. Until the point, you didn't th...14.21
Heritage is a windows compatible freeware horror game with great atmosphere and puzzles developed by BLF Games & SmokeStudio and playable on GameShed.comHeritagescary mystery horrorby BLF Games - Why is that we always yearn childhood memories when we lost someone? Why...14.50
The Deepest Sleep is a scary point and click pixel game developed by ScriptWelder and playable on This game features badges.The Deepest Sleepscary creepy horrorby ScriptWelder - You are the bottom depth now, there is nothing beneath you. It is imp...14.66
Nekra Psaria Part 1 is a bizzare point and click adventure game developed by DrawManEater and playable on GameShed.comNekra Psaria Part 1creepypoint'n'clickby DrawManEater - Help our couch potato, Johny boy, to find a source of fuel for his ge...14.72
Idle Web Tycoon is a web tycoon sim game with upgrades developed by HThomson and playable on GameShed.comIdle Web Tycoontycoon sim upgradesby HThomson - Build an website and learn how to get revenue from it in this great websi...14.55
Fingerbones is a 3d escape horror game with eerie atmosphere developed by David Szymanski and playable on GameShed.comFingerbonesscary horror 3dby David Szymanski - Fingerbones is a short psychological horror game that focuses on s...14.15
Undead Isle: Chapter 1 is a first person shooter game with zombies developed by MartianGames and playable on GameShed.comUndead Isle: Chapter 1scary horror 3d fpsby MartianGames - Unity 3D Advanced Survival Horror FPS. You find yourself on a mysteri...14.50
Stonepath Episode 1 is a point and click fantasy game developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Stonepath Episode 1detective puzzleby Hyptosis - This was the year when the Thaa'hune came down from their dower. The year...14.28
Insanity is a indie 3d horror adventure game with jumpscares developed by Simperson Cruz & Andreas Ronnberg and playable on GameShed.comInsanityscary download 3dby Simperson Cruz - Five years have passed since the death of my wife. Five years have ...14.54
Kingdom of Liars Part 3 is a fantasy point and click adventure game with great story and puzzles developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Kingdom of Liars Part 3detective puzzleby Hyptosis - Whatever a friend believes is true, tell him otherwise and he becomes an ...14.25