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Back to Zombieland is a running game with zombies and upgrades developed by Alexey Testov, Andriy Vinchkovskiy & Alexander Ahura and playable on GameShed.comBack to Zombielandupgrades launchby Alexey Testov - Help our funny looking zombie to get back to the Zombieland while he...14.01
Stick Squad is a stick shooting game with compelling story-line and upgrades developed by BrutalStudios and playable on GameShed.comStick Squadstick sniper actionby BrutalStudios - Our nuclear missile R-32 has been stolen by Kane Foster, some Austra...14.66
Eien is a challenging point and click maze game developed by Jacek Witczynski & Mateusz Skutnik and playable on GameShed.comEienescape maze puzzleby Jacek Witczynski - I remember darkness and silence everywhere but now something has ...13.94
Rogue Soul 2 is a cute running game with upgrades developed by SoulGame Studio and playable on GameShed.comRogue Soul 2running thief avoidby SoulGame Studio - A cute side-scrolling running game with tons of upgrades and enemi...14.63
Little Phobia is a horror platformer with puzzles and good scares developed by Deqaf Studio and playable on GameShed.comLittle Phobiascary horror witchby Deqaf Studio - Help the boy overcome his phobia while he sets out on an adventurous ...14.38
Tricky Fish is a physics based arcade game with fishes developed by MaxGames and playable on GameShed.comTricky Fishphysics launch fishby MaxGames - Help our little fellow to collect pearls and stars while avoiding traps. ...14.67
Troll Tale is a funny point and click adventure game for kids developed by ppllaayy and playable on GameShed.comTroll Talepoint'n'click funnyby ppllaayy - Help our cute little troll to have the time of his life in this great fun...14.26
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 2 is a slenderman game inspired from dead space developed by Poison Games and playable on GameShed.comSlenderman Must Die: Chapter 2slenderman scary 3dby Poison Games - The year 24966. Your spaceship ran out of energy, You had to dock on ...14.69
Jeff Attack is a game based on creepy pasta Jeff the killer developed by Goldkat Games and playable on GameShed.comJeff Attackscary horror 3dby Goldkat Games - This game is based on true facts. Everything seemed very normal that...13.63
Burn Everything is a casual puzzle game for pyromaniacs developed by  and playable on GameShed.comBurn Everythingpuzzle pyromaniacYour task is simple...set everything on fire! Drag the match to the ...13.71
Surrounded by Death is a 3d zombie killing game developed by Leepo, Zylex, Leo & Steve Ballard and playable on GameShed.comSurrounded by Deathzombie killing 3dby Leepo - Protect the shelter at all costs! Kill the zombies and use the money to repa...14.31
Range of the Dead is a zombie shooting sniper game developed by Evil Dog and playable on GameShed.comRange of the Deadsniper zombie actionby Evil Dog - Test your sniper skills in this great zombie shooting game. The game want...14.58
Merry Christmas Alfred Robbins is a bloody point and click adventure game developed by Abe Kaxrud, Jake Milner, Babar Kemal & Chris Jones and playable on GameShed.comMerry Christmas Alfred Robbinshorror psychopathby Abe Kaxrud - You're Alfred Robbins.. You're 42 years old and work at a local post of...14.02
Wait is a mystery horror game inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series developed by rest.less Games and playable on GameShed.comWaitscary creepy sci fiby rest.less Games - And there I stand, fed and alone, my heart is heavy as a stone. My...14.51
Sherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mystery is a fun online detective game developed by Caramel Games and playable on GameShed.comSherlock Holmes: The Teashop Murder Mysterydetective puzzleby Caramel Games - Someone has murdered Mr.T, the owner of some local tea shop and it's...14.47
The Sound of Darkness is a text based horror adventure game developed by The Bowtie Boss and playable on GameShed.comThe Sound of Darknessscary text basedby The Bowtie Boss - You awake to the sound of darkness. Until the point, you didn't th...14.31
Heritage is a windows compatible freeware horror game with great atmosphere and puzzles developed by BLF Games & SmokeStudio and playable on GameShed.comHeritagescary mystery horrorby BLF Games - Why is that we always yearn childhood memories when we lost someone? Why...14.39
The Deepest Sleep is a scary point and click pixel game developed by ScriptWelder and playable on This game features badges.The Deepest Sleepscary creepy horrorby ScriptWelder - You are the bottom depth now, there is nothing beneath you. It is imp...14.70
Nekra Psaria Part 1 is a bizzare point and click adventure game developed by DrawManEater and playable on GameShed.comNekra Psaria Part 1creepypoint'n'clickby DrawManEater - Help our couch potato, Johny boy, to find a source of fuel for his ge...14.74
Idle Web Tycoon is a web tycoon sim game with upgrades developed by HThomson and playable on GameShed.comIdle Web Tycoontycoon sim upgradesby HThomson - Build an website and learn how to get revenue from it in this great websi...14.50
Fingerbones is a 3d escape horror game with eerie atmosphere developed by David Szymanski and playable on GameShed.comFingerbonesscary horror 3dby David Szymanski - Fingerbones is a short psychological horror game that focuses on s...14.13
Undead Isle: Chapter 1 is a first person shooter game with zombies developed by MartianGames and playable on GameShed.comUndead Isle: Chapter 1scary horror 3d fpsby MartianGames - Unity 3D Advanced Survival Horror FPS. You find yourself on a mysteri...14.44
Stonepath Episode 1 is a point and click fantasy game developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Stonepath Episode 1detective puzzleby Hyptosis - This was the year when the Thaa'hune came down from their dower. The year...14.36
Insanity is a indie 3d horror adventure game with jumpscares developed by Simperson Cruz & Andreas Ronnberg and playable on GameShed.comInsanityscary download 3dby Simperson Cruz - Five years have passed since the death of my wife. Five years have ...14.46
Kingdom of Liars Part 3 is a fantasy point and click adventure game with great story and puzzles developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Kingdom of Liars Part 3detective puzzleby Hyptosis - Whatever a friend believes is true, tell him otherwise and he becomes an ...14.27
Catharsis is a psychedelic 3d horror game developed by Nirvan Filip and playable on GameShed.comCatharsisscary horror 3dby Nirvan Filip - Jump into psychedelic nightmare world, where main character have to f...14.41
Kingdom of Liars Part 2 is a adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Kingdom of Liars Part 2detective puzzleby Hyptosis - Our lives are lies are arrows loosed from the bow. We must fly true befor...14.33
Kingdom of Liars Part 1 is a adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Kingdom of Liars Part 1detective puzzleby Hyptosis - If you want to tell something important to a man, it's best to just show ...14.23
Hood Episode 4 is a the final part of the popular point and click series, Hood developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Hood Episode 4detective puzzleby Hyptosis - The final episode in the hood series. Find out where hood went, why she's...14.58
Hood Episode 3 is a creepy point and click fantasy game developed by Hyptosis and playable on This game features badges.Hood Episode 3detective puzzleby Hyptosis - Here comes the 3rd part of the popular Hood series. Our protagonist manag...14.43
Offroad Safari is a physics based car game with great gameplay developed by HeadBanger Games and playable on This game features badges.Offroad Safaricars physics drivingby HeadBanger Games - Go over and under big rocks, scale entire walls of rock using the...13.38
Wild Warfare is a multiplayer first person shooter developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and playable on GameShed.comWild Warfaremultiplayer fpsby Hyper Hippo Productions - Wild Warfare is an old school, class-based, multiplayer Fi...14.24
Double Hitler is a hardcore drawing game developed by Damian Schloter and playable on GameShed.comDouble Hitlerdrawing hardcoreby Damian Schloter - A physics based painting game for hardcore gamers. Help the Schick...14.45
Knight Slider is a single screen puzzle game with heroes and goblins developed by FlashChaz and playable on GameShed.comKnight Slidersingle screen puzzleby FlashChaz - Spin each level so our hero can grab the golden key and reach for the ex...14.34