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Boomerang Chang is a single screen skill game developed by Michel Gerard and playable on GameShed.comBoomerang Changskill single screenby Michel Gerard - The your skills in this awesome shooting game. Use your trusty boomerang to slay infinite waves of enemies and make sure you won't die in the process.14.26
ASKL is a hardcore physics based skill game developed by  and playable on GameShed.comASKLskill sports physicsDo you have what it takes to become the best Unicycle Athlete ever? Use AS and KL keys to balance and propel your unicycle to the 100 meter finish, in the fastest time possible.12.57
Slender: The Cursed Forest is a multiplayer based slender game developed by Omar Jbara and playable on GameShed.comSlender: The Cursed Forestslenderman scary 3dby Omar Jbara - An astonishing multiplayer based slender game to play with your friends. Hunt or be hunted! The game can be played in single mode also.14.06
Unrested Souls is a 3d horror game inspired from the slender series developed by Austin P and playable on GameShed.comUnrested Soulsscary horror 3dby Austin P - You have been sent by the Church to purify a house where terrible things has happened. The story tells about some women named Clair, whose family was murdered right before her eyes. Do you ...14.09
Psychosis is a creepy 2d point and click horror game with great atmosphere developed by Boy Voesten, Swan Chase, Niels de Ruijter, Cerys Hancock, Lorenzo van Mourik, Susan van der Puijl and playable on GameShed.comPsychosisscary horror creepyby Boy Voesten - Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of three students that went missing a while ago. Your journey starts at an abandoned school where they were last seen.13.83
Slender The Nine Pages is a 3d horror game with the popular character slenderman developed by Arthur Petrzak and playable on GameShed.comSlender The Nine Pagesslenderman scary 3dby Arthur Petrzak - Slender The Nine Pages is finally here! Grab all 9 pages and find a way out of the underground before Slenderman finds you. The game features 3 different game modes.14.17
Tears of Despair is a disturbing horror adventure game developed by SYCK and playable on GameShed.comTears of Despairscary horror mysteryby SYCK - An disturbing horror game that will give you the creeps. The game fallows the story of Maria Pardo, an women trying to save her children in an post port apocalyptic world.13.72
Abandoned is a point and click escaping game developed by Igor Krutov and playable on GameShed.comAbandonedpoint'n'click escapeby Igor Krutov - Uncover the mystery behind your brother's disappearance. Your journey starts at the Tashi Choeta Hotel in the city of Lhasa.14.51
Slendytubbies: Dipsy's Workshop is a bloody hack and slash game developed by Sean Toman and playable on GameShed.comSlendytubbies: Dipsy's Workshopbloody skill killingby Sean Toman - Slendytubbies is back! Slash and dash your way through hordes of innocent tubbies to get high scores! New abilities will become available as you slice the tubbies. Watch out for the custa...14.26
Mad Burger 3 is a physics based launching game with upgrades developed by Deqaf Studio and playable on GameShed.comMad Burger 3upgrades launchby Deqaf Studio - Build the perfect burger and deliver it to our sheriff. The only problem that the sheriff is over 100km away, but that should be a problem for our chef, right? Launch burgers in the air...13.86
Up in the Sky is a cute launching game with upgrades developed by Wizard Game Studio and playable on GameShed.comUp in the Skyupgrades launch kidsby Wizard Game Studio - Help our cute little birdie reach for the skies! Use that huge rock to launch him in the air. While in the air try to collect as many stars as possible and use them to purchase be...14.61
Smokin' Barrels 2 is a western shooting game developed by Witch Hut and playable on GameShed.comSmokin' Barrels 2shooting skillby Witch Hut - Ever since you lost your friends in a gun fight in Kentucky you never been the same. Days have past and you still see the face of the man who let you live. Help our protagonist, Johnny Fas...14.03
Happy Mart is a happy mart management game developed by Little Giant World and playable on GameShed.comHappy Martmanagement tycoonby Little Giant World - Do you have what it takes to manage a Happy Mart? Set-up the supermarket, place the shelves, buy goods and watch the stockpiles. With the money earned each day upgrade the shelves...14.43
Death Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letter is a the third part of the popular rpg horror game, Death Proclaimed developed by Jake Springhorn and playable on GameShed.comDeath Proclaimed 2: Valerie's Letterscary horror rpgby Jake Springhorn - Valerie, you are trapped - contained by him. But that does not have to be the case any longer. This world is an ugly world, but nothing compared to what you will face if you try to e...14.67
Trailer Trash: Billy Bob's Bash is a hilarious launching game with rednecks developed by CerebralFix and playable on GameShed.comTrailer Trash: Billy Bob's Bashupgrades launchby CerebralFix - Help our yellow bearded redneck, Billy Bob to launch his pal, Lite Beer as far as possible. While in the air, click the mouse button to fart for an extra boost.13.78
Trabi vs Zombies Apocalypse is a 3d zombie killing game developed by Cenda Games and playable on GameShed.comTrabi vs Zombies Apocalypsezombie cars killingby Cenda Games - It's zombie killing time! Your town has been overrun by zombies and you need to find a way out fast. The good news is that you can always count on your awesome car. Go behind the wheels...14.67
CatBox Bowling is a cute bowling game with cats developed by Biscuit Locker and playable on GameShed.comCatBox Bowlingfunny cute cats petsby Biscuit Locker - Test your reflexes in this funny bowling game with cats. The task is simple...get the cat in one of the three boxes while dodging stuff and collecting different elements for a better ...14.02
Castle Lite is a tetris like castle builder game developed by Snails Animation and playable on GameShed.comCastle Litecastle buildingby Snails Animation - Our King lost his castle and it's up to you to build him a new one. Use your mouse to pick the right piece and pull it into the given boxes within the time limit. Before starting ea...14.58
Murder is a one-button only type of game with funny topic developed by Anselm Pyta & Benedikt Hummel and playable on GameShed.comMurderone button funnyby Anselm Pyta - You always wanted to be The King and now it's your chance to become one! Sneak after the king and use your trusty knife to kill him and take his crown! Once you have his crown watch out ...14.40
Bobby da Arrow is a turn based bow game developed by Flashchaz & Bitnest Software and playable on GameShed.comBobby da Arrowturn based bow skillby Flashchaz - The Kingdom of Alreo has been invaded by the mighty goblins so The King Azriel sent for his favorite hero, Bobby Da Arrow to aid him. Join Bobby in his quest of defending the lands of Alre...14.80
Strikeforce Kitty is a cute running game with cats and upgrades developed by Deqaf Studio and playable on GameShed.comStrikeforce Kittyupgrades cats cuteby Deqaf Studio - Oh nooo! Princess Cat has been abducted and your team of mighty cats were sent by the King to rescue her. Run, duck and jump your way through the Land of the Cats while eliminating the ...14.59
Pirates vs Undead is a strategy defense game with pirates developed by Oleg Kostin, Arkadv Skrylnikov & Oleksandr Dudko and playable on GameShed.comPirates vs Undeadstrategy defenseby Oleg Kostin - Join our pirate crew in the journey of their lives! Destroy the undead hordes to get to the promised treasure that is hidden in the depths of the island. Grab the pirates and throw them into battle.14.02
Clarence's Amazing Day Out is a mini-games based flash game with cute graphics developed by CartoonNetwork and playable on GameShed.comClarence's Amazing Day Outminigames skill kidsby CartoonNetwork - Clarence is gonna squeeze all the fun things in Aberdale into a single, amazing day! Can you keep up with him?14.41
Ducklife: Treasure Hunt is a cute hop and bop sidescroller with ducks developed by Simon Wixon and playable on GameShed.comDucklife: Treasure Huntupgrades cute petsby Simon Wixon - Help our yellow duckling explore the volcano's cave in the hope of finding the lost treasure. Run, jump and fly through the caves collecting coins and power-ups. Try to compete all the c...14.15
Nekra Psaria Part 2 is a creepy point and click adventure game developed by DrawManEater and playable on GameShed.comNekra Psaria Part 2creepypoint'n'clickby DrawManEater - Once again our protagonist, Johnny-boy finds himself trapped inside the bizarre world of Nekra Psaria. Will he be able to escape?14.69
Lolli Poop is a cute sidescrolling platform game recommended for kids developed by Konstantin Arbuzov & Andrew Arbuzov and playable on GameShed.comLolli Poopfunny platform pixelby Konstantin Arbuzov - Things went really bad for the ordinary maniac from a big city. Problem was in a horrible creature that ate sweets and turned them into bad monsters. Finally, our humble seller de...14.35
Stachmou and the Golden Compass is a funny point and click adventure game with pirates developed by Didier Guagliano and playable on GameShed.comStachmou and the Golden Compasspoint'n'click pirateby Didier Guagliano - Years ago, a pirate named Jack Treepwood found a golden compass. This compass had the power to indicate the hiding of fantastic treasures. Thank to it, he became "Lucky Jack", the r...13.75
Death Proclaimed 2 is a top down horror adventure game developed by Jake Springhorn and playable on GameShed.comDeath Proclaimed 2scary horror rpgby Jake Springhorn - A young man named Cory lives with his aunt in a deep part of the woods near the city Winterveer. Cory has absolutely no recollection of his days before he was eight years old, but fo...14.16
Zombo Buster Rising is a single-screen zombie shooting game with upgrades and challenging levels developed by Steven Aang, Hartono Peng, Bobi Hartanto & Hanrianto Tan and playable on This game features badges.Zombo Buster Risingzombie killingby Steven Aang - Medan, The City of Darkness has been infected with a serious disease which turns humans into zombies. Help Zombo Buster, Medan's anti-zombies team to clear the city of zombies in this aw...14.71
Soccer Physics is a two players physics based one button soccer game developed by Otto-Ville Ojala and playable on GameShed.comSoccer Physicsphysics 2 playersby Otto-Ville Ojala - Play a physics based soccer game against the computer or your friends! Push the UP arrow button to control your team.14.70
Failman is a funny point and click game with superheroes developed by ppllaayy and playable on GameShed.comFailmanfunnypoint'n'clickby ppllaayy - Would you like to be the real hero? Help our masked wannabe superhero, Failman to play pranks on ordinary citizens. A superhero's jobs should be fun, right?14.52
It Moves is a top down horror game based on a short story by Michael Whitehouse developed by SnowOwl and playable on GameShed.comIt Movesscary horror ghostby SnowOwl - Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for tired children; for me it was terrifying. While some children might complain about being put to bed before they have finished watching a film or p...14.57
An All Hallow's Tale is a shory adventure point and click Halloween game developed by Aasta L. Otnes & Regan Music and playable on GameShed.comAn All Hallow's Taleadventure ghost 3dby Aasta L. Otnes - On an All Hallow's Eve you come to find yourself in a strange place, where a little girl needs your help! Monsters and ghosts and whispering winds, will they assist or will they hinder?13.24
Typocalypse 3D is a typing based 3d zombie shooting game developed by Andreas Grech & Cameron Saliba and playable on GameShed.comTypocalypse 3Dzombie skill typingby Andreas Grech - Kill the incoming zombies by accurately typing the words above their head. Collect the power-ups by destroying the crates that are periodically supplied.13.87