Traumata is an old school point and click puzzle game developed by Hanindito Prasojo
Traumata has been developed by Hanindito Prasojo
Your name is Adam, a photographer for Real Estate Architecture Magazine. You have been sent to take several reference photos of an old abandoned building. Collect various items, solve puzzle and find a way to reach your goal.
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Game Reviews

do you really need a mirror to read this? "rehsiugnitxe erif" and do you even have to use a crowbar to move a bunch of box?....... e_e
LV 13Rammy(6 years ago)
Hahaaha!!! Gotta explain it yes? -_-smartass
LV 9irina(6 years ago)
6 you really need to explain everything right after i click on it?!seriously!!
LV 5riddlegirl009(6 years ago)
LOL, I like the game...but that black monster scares me, when I was on floor 3/4 it freaked me out, and I spilled my hot cocoa.
LV 4jeninax(6 years ago)
Seems like an interesting game but just can't past it. The dude with the black keeps scaring the hell out of me
LV 1NoSharksAllowed(6 years ago)
Humm, the game did not load yet. Hopefully this game would be a nice game to play. It's a long time i've never been here in gameshed. But hopefully right now i can occupied with this game :) Well whoever is reading this well hope that you can get to know me and please i don't want to add random adds :)
LV 5PiperHeard(6 years ago)
scary man in girls room.... what a player!
LV 9moterthemomo(6 years ago)
what the freak! the creeper dude keeps scaring the heck out of me, and when I try to leave this certain room he keeps walking toward me with a knife! :(
LV 4NARWAL79(5 years ago)
why the frag to i have to distinguish between "use", "take" and "see". The most complicated of point and click games have an "examine" button, this was just over the top.. and having that mysterious black guy come out of nowhere and kill me and not letting me try again, making me start all the way over from the very beginning after it took me almost half an hour to get that far? weak. one star, and that's generous.
LV 8fantabulousk(4 years ago)
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, I LIVE in Jakarta! :D This is so awesome! (Yes, I do speak fluent Indonesian)
LV 3undyingUmbreon(4 years ago)