Dark Sketch

Dark Sketch is an dark atmospheric game focused on puzzles and chase events developed by Zhyleigh
Dark Sketch has been developed by Zhyleigh
A dark atmosheric RPG focused on story-line, puzzles and chase-events. Play the role of a youg girl named Kyleen who just moved from the city to her aunt's house to help her out. The game features two protagonists and 4 different endings.
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Game Reviews

If you like to die then this is your game.
10/10 love it. Have to play again to get the other endings!
"Nightmare Sketches"
Great game! It's engaging and the story is interesting. I was constantly trying to figure out what happened by piecing together the notes and actions the game threw at me. Unfortunately, the ending you'll most likely get is the Nightmare Sketches Ending, or the Together Sketches ending. The other 2 endings are tedious to achieve, and if you haven't been saving on different slots the entire way through, you will need to beat the game all over again while following a guide. Other than that, I loved the story and can't wait to see more from this artist!
good game as well