All The Way Down

All The Way Down is an an lovecrfatian horror adventure game with creepy and mysterious atmosphere developed by Calin Leafshade
printscreen for All The Way Down game
printscreen for All The Way Down game
printscreen for All The Way Down game
printscreen for All The Way Down game
An point and click indie horror adventure game inspired from H. P. Lovecraft's works. The game follows the story of an young man who got lost during an snow storm. After wandering through the storm he finds himself in the middle of a small mining village called Millvale.
All The Way Down has been developed by Calin Leafshade

Game Reviews

Nice game, but very short.
LV 1Sydvicious(4 years ago)
Nice game but too short
LV 8MadSaveges1000(4 years ago)
I agree! An excellent gaming experience that ended way too quickly :)
LV 8Gry1(3 years ago)
WAY too short. There's more dialogue than gameplay, and you can tell the same dude did all the voices (and is himself going through puberty, which makes for some cringeworthy vocals). Fade in/outs cover lack of animation (like picking up or using objects) and the story goes way too fast. We don't really get a sense of fear or what the character is feeling. He goes from doubting the stories of the townsfolk to complaining about the evil dreams he keeps having in a matter of like 10 minutes. You could have gotten away with it if you had more disturbing cut-scenes or something, and a few more rooms to escape from or requiring us to go back to previous screens and stuff. Keep it up, boys, and I'm sure you'll get better at making games.
LV 4stevedonkey(4 years ago)
this game is awesome but it's too short, is there a part two somewhere?
LV 4Saifwar(4 years ago)
too short and not scary
LV 9Mr314(4 years ago)
Hmm, I just get stuck in the bedroom and clicking the door won't lock it, game ends there for me.
LV 5Geminate(4 years ago)