Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God, a freeware game developed by WildShadow
Realm of the Mad God has been developed by WildShadow&SpryFox
Choose your favorite hero and start kicking some enemies as you gain experience and cool items in this great co-op fantasy mmo shooter game made by the guys from WildShadow Studios and SpryFox.

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Game Reviews

actually kingkickass these graphics are better than most online games. the graphics dont make the game, the players do. btw kickass name dude.
LV 7openrange117(7 years ago)
omg this is GOOOOOD game!!!!! add me
LV 1(7 years ago)
wow, this game is so cool, i got level 20 and earned 3561 fame!!! add me please
LV 5ZEDpwner(6 years ago)
I love this game.
LV 4Tom456(5 years ago)
Awesome game!!
LV 4Xzerodoll(6 years ago)
The game is a good multiplayer game with loads of action and fighting
LV 1JumpScare(5 years ago)
this game is the funnest mmo shooter ever
LV 1DeadMemez(5 years ago)
amazing thx!
LV 4Contor(7 years ago)
this game anit bad
LV 1clark109(6 years ago)
pretty cool lil game, if it wasnt for the lag issue i would give it a solid 8/10
LV 1Alastair_Lockett(5 years ago)