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Slendytubbies 2 is a the second part of the popular slendytubbies developed by Sean Toman and playable on GameShed.comSlendytubbies 2scary slenderman 3dby Sean Toman - Slendytubbies is back and more horrifying than before! Slendytubbies II...14.74
Slendytubbies is a a remake of the popular 3d horror game, Slenderman developed by Sean Toman and playable on GameShed.comSlendytubbiesscary slenderman 3dby Sean Toman - Slendytubbies is a re-make of the popular indie game Slender. The objec...14.63
TDP4 Team Battle is a multiplayer platformer type of game with tons of w developed by JavelinOU and playable on GameShed.comTDP4 Team Battle platform actionby JavelinOU - Awesome multiplayer shooting game from the guys from JavelinOU Studios. ...14.61
Realm of the Mad God is a  developed by WildShadow&SpryFox and playable on GameShed.comRealm of the Mad God shooting rpgby WildShadow - Choose your favorite hero and start kicking some enemies as you gain ex...14.56
Broken Earth is a awesome 3d top-down action shooting game that can be played in survival mode or even  multiplayer developed by teamINOV and playable on GameShed.comBroken Earth 3d top down actionby teamINOV - Broken Earth is an top-down shooting game with addictive gameplay and hug...14.56
1066 The Game is a  developed by Channel Four and playable on GameShed.com1066 The Gamestrategy turn basedby Channel Four - Your mission in this war game is to defeat your enemy`s army by killi...14.38
Castle Wars 2 is a  developed by M0rkeulv & Rob James and playable on GameShed.comCastle Wars 2strategy card castleby M0rkeulv - Castle wars is a turn based card game where your goal is to be the first ...14.38
Platform Racing is a  developed by Jiggmin and playable on GameShed.comPlatform Racingby Jiggmin - Internet multiplayer racing on platforms like a platform sidescroller, onl...14.33
Red Crucible is a  developed by RocketeerGames and playable on GameShed.comRed Crucible shooting fpsby RocketeerGames - Red Crucible is based on a fictional war between NATO and the Sovie...14.32
Wild Warfare is a multiplayer first person shooter developed by Hyper Hippo Productions and playable on GameShed.comWild Warfare fps action shootingby Hyper Hippo Productions - Wild Warfare is an old school, class-based, multiplayer Fi...14.28
Surrounded by Death is a 3d zombie killing game developed by Leepo, Zylex, Leo & Steve Ballard and playable on GameShed.comSurrounded by Deathzombie killing 3dby Leepo - Protect the shelter at all costs! Kill the zombies and use the money to repa...14.19
Physics Wars is a  developed by Igor Levochkin and playable on GameShed.comPhysics Warszombie 3d physicsby Igor Levochkin - A grerat browser based co-operative Zombie shooter made by Igor Lev...14.03
Slender: The Cursed Forest is a multiplayer based slender game developed by Omar Jbara and playable on GameShed.comSlender: The Cursed Forestslenderman scary 3dby Omar Jbara - An astonishing multiplayer based slender game to play with your friends...13.94
Galaxy X is a  developed by  and playable on GameShed.comGalaxy Xshooting tankGalaxy X offers a fun action packed, casual shooting game that you can ...13.60