GemClix Blitz

GemClix Blitz is an casual match flash game with some unique twists developed by Dave Munsie
GemClix Blitz has been developed by Dave Munsie
Test your reflexes in this awesome gem matching game! Clear the gems before they reach the top of the screen. Don't forget to use the power ups by dragging them onto the screen.
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Game Reviews

pretty good game
LV 10Necomini(6 years ago)
so awesome and kinda addicting!!~
LV 5GhostlyShadowQueen(6 years ago)
its hard to score in ths game
LV 8hira(6 years ago)
got a score of over a million. i h a v e n o i d e a h o w i d i d t h a t.
LV 2queenawkward(5 years ago)
this game is awesome...!! its difficult to earn points though...!!
LV 13arcane(4 years ago)
omfg this game is awsome
LV 1Angle101(5 years ago)
i got the perfect score but they still dont give me a medal
LV 1jazzylet(4 years ago)
Got to level 23 and still have not unlocked any medals ><
LV 12Nichick390(4 years ago)
Someone said the medals are broken gameshed plz fix this
LV 12Nichick390(4 years ago)
Took a long time to load
LV 1EmotionalDisaster(6 years ago)
got ten pts and reached level 18 awesome
LV 13kevinjj(6 years ago)
this game is awsom
LV 15niko(6 years ago)
very nice.. i love this game
LV 3Lonely(6 years ago)
Very Nice Game
LV 3BlackSnake(5 years ago)