Game Reviews

give this game 20/20 rlly awesome game
difficult to get started... I keep losing everyone and running out of food
i get to the same point and they wont let me do anything.
actually not bad i like it
made it to day 94 then everone died D: just three poeple are left nooooo!!!
I give this game a 100/100... this game deserves to be an iphone app
this is a hard!!!!
i rlly love this gam i give 9.5/10
Ok, I'm gonna be completly honest, I dont like the game now, but I'll give it just 1 more try. Wish me luck.
Time Management Game + Zombies = 5 hours of gameplay when only feeling like 20min
Very fun and addictive!
which person would be best
ok this is awsome forget my other post
Overall a good game.