Zombie Exploder

Zombie Exploder, a freeware game developed by Javi Hern
Zombie Exploder has been developed by Javi Hernandez
Zombie Exploder is fancy hack and slay action game with really new controls: Use WASD to move and, that's funky, SHAKE mouse(!) to lam the zombies.
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Game Reviews

Like if you love zombies! :)
smoker nazi zombies um.....you get guns
this game is awesome
This game will be more fun with LP's Breaking the Habit
o my god! i love Zombie Exploder
witch turn your light of on your gun
game is hard hoodz!!!!!
this game is awsome !!!!!!!!!!
Gamez allright but coul have been with more blood in it.. :L
nice game it would be better if i could stop glitching a littil then would be perfect and add me
like if you love killing zombies and these game
I use kicks often!
i want to kill a zombie!!!!!!i am first..cangrats to me
i am second to comment.:)