Impale 2

Impale 2 is an killing game with zombies and tons of deadly traps developed by Mibix
Impale 2 has been developed by Mibix
The objective is to kill the zombies by launching them directly into the deadly traps. Try to activate all the red lights on each trap to complete an level.
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Game Reviews

some of this levels are really annoying >.<
it's fun...but it's running slow smh.
ok whatever, i say this good...
hard to get the medals.....
first gold badge, but this is really hard.
I Love this game
Omfg my nooks lagging like crap so i cant play it lol -___-
Good this is, this i like, my god its hard talking like that.
this game so kewl the bits n bites r realy ummmm.......kooool!!!
not such a good game
f**king game this is not funny! is level 2 soooo hard!!!!
I bet that this feels good to them!
send this on 5 comments then log off then log in then press f5 u will have 1000 pts
I'm gonna be completely honest here...i thought that in the pic of this game... that instead of that being a tongue in the zombies mouth...i thought it was a tongue....haha yea i know im stupid lol.