Lull them All

Lull them All is an cute puzzle physics game recommended for kids developed by MDP
Lull them All has been developed by MDP & Nizzzy
Your goal is to lull all children on the level to sleep. To do so, it's necessary to cover them up or to give them teddy bears. Some children are sensitive to noise and light, so you will have to figure it out how to lull them to sleep.

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Game Reviews

hahahaha!! fun to do to . little kids but when they don't listen .....lol ! you get a hit in the ass ~('____')~ truth untold lol jkjkjk
frikin lol cus lul is in means in my language peni.s
Well.. now I know what to do when I become a mother. Either sing them to sleep, or tell them to just get their as.ses in bed.
How can I submit my score ?
please do not say 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 i reaaly got tired and the game is cool
Really crappy game.
Lisa o_o you know... they are going to want story time from me!
No. I can't do this. I'm stuck on level 14 and the crying baby is making me so mad. - o-"
Funny game . May be some mother's with small children's should try it. It will do some help.
Stuck and Weird game dont wanna play anymore
what a boring game!
This game is so cute! (=