Game Reviews

this is the BEST GAME i EVER PLAYED ------_______--------
LV 1Roxanne(6 years ago)
liked- i really hate using keys to move around wish all games were just point to a place unless its 1st veiwer, but yeah i love this game grew up with this game
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(9 months ago)
i was trying to rate zero not one!!!
LV 4jjazz24106(6 years ago)
this dum game dsnt evn load...!!!!
LV 3badangel17(6 years ago)
why no load :/
LV 1kittycat95(5 years ago)
I dont think its cool
LV 1maryrose231(6 years ago)
this is boreing
LV 1wiliam(6 years ago)
This game is not the greatest...I rather play something else.
LV 6whatevergirl55(6 years ago)
It wont load for me :/
LV 1Amber18(5 years ago)
its thinking game i wish it has scores
LV 7saadmansuri(6 years ago)