Game Reviews

this is the BEST GAME i EVER PLAYED ------_______--------
LV 1Roxanne(4 years ago)
this dum game dsnt evn load...!!!!
LV 3badangel17(4 years ago)
why no load :/
LV 1kittycat95(3 years ago)
I dont think its cool
LV 1maryrose231(4 years ago)
this is boreing
LV 1wiliam(4 years ago)
This game is not the greatest...I rather play something else.
LV 6whatevergirl55(4 years ago)
i was trying to rate zero not one!!!
LV 4jjazz24106(4 years ago)
It wont load for me :/
LV 1Amber18(4 years ago)
3rd and okay game
LV 4rickyross99(4 years ago)
cool game
LV 4sign(4 years ago)