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Mutant Uprising is a text-based game with zombies developed by GP Studios and playable on GameShed.comMutant Uprisingscary zombie escapeby GP Studios - A deadly disease has turned most of the population into hideous mutants...14.43
Catharsis is a psychedelic 3d horror game developed by Nirvan Filip and playable on GameShed.comCatharsisscary 3d escapeby Nirvan Filip - Jump into psychedelic nightmare world, where main character have to f...14.43
The House 2 is a the scariest flash game ever made developed by Sinthai Boonmaitree and playable on GameShed.comThe House 2scarypoint'n'clickby Sinthai Boonmaitree - The legend has it that there is a house in a small town that h...14.42
Deep Sleep is a creepy point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere and clever puzzles developed by ScriptWelder and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.Deep Sleepscary creepy escapeby ScriptWelder - You find yourself trapped in a nightmare and someone else is watching...14.42
Death Proclaimed 2 is a top down horror adventure game developed by Jake Springhorn and playable on GameShed.comDeath Proclaimed 2scary rpg adventureby Jake Springhorn - A young man named Cory lives with his aunt in a deep part of the w...14.41
Real Horror Stories is a terrifying point and click horror flash game developed by GameORE and playable on GameShed.comReal Horror Storiesscary creepy ghostby GameORE - Stories tell of the Dark Forest. Many lives have been lost here. You are n...14.41
Foreign Creature Scene is a creepy puzzle developed by BelugerinStudios and playable on GameShed.comForeign Creature Scenescarypoint'n'clickby BelugerinStudios - Play role of a blood-thirsty alien mess in various locations and ...14.40
Slender Flashlight is a one of the best slenderman game out there developed by Triggered Games and playable on GameShed.comSlender Flashlightscary slendermanby Triggered Games - An highly recommended Slender game with great atmosphere and gamep...14.40
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 is a 3d horror slenderman game with a twist developed by Poison Games and playable on GameShed.comSlenderman Must Die: Chapter 1slenderman scary 3dby Poison Games - You are sick and tired of all the stories you have listen about Slend...14.39
The Visitor is a creepy puzzle game developed by Jay Ziebarth and playable on GameShed.comThe Visitorscary puzzle bloodyby Jay Ziebarth - An unstoppable alien monster finds and devours prey, becoming more po...14.37
Exmortis 2 is a horror point and click adventure developed by Leffler Web Design and playable on GameShed.comExmortis 2scary escape demonby Leffler Web Design - The Hordes of Exmortis swept across the Earth. A plague unlike ...14.36
The Insanity 2 is a horror point and click developed by EvilKris and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.The Insanity 2scary escape creepyby EvilKris - You play as Peter Langdon, a well-known journalist who is investigating t...14.35
The Grudge is a horror point and click game developed by SonyPictures and playable on GameShed.comThe Grudgescaryescape ghostby SonyPictures - Creepy point and click adventure, based on horror movie `The Grudge`....14.35
Foreign Creature is a weird and creepy puzzle developed by Belugerin Games and playable on GameShed.com. This game features badges.Foreign Creaturescarypoint'n'clickby Belugerin Games - Play the role of a blood-thirsty foreign creature leaving a trail ...14.35