They Took our Candy

They Took our Candy is an Halloween themed retro sidescroller flash game developed by Rachid1984
They Took our Candy has been developed by Rachid1984
Oh noo!! The extraterrestrial invaders decided to steal all the candies and we can't have an proper Halloween without those candies! Assemble a team of warrior Trick-or-Treaters and guide them into victory!
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Game Reviews

throw the cheeeeeese! yah!
the most freaking cutest game ever
please dont score pll down and this game is kind hard got to pcactice alot
happy hallowen.....hahaha
At last score game... COOOL!!!
when i first played this game i thout i was going to have a heart atack because of the cuteniss
this game is soo epic lol i dont know why i said that and ahhahaa first one to comment
good ame and name
kawaiii!!! Cute!! :3
they took my candy too
This game is so cute! i love it cx
pls dont score i alwasy lose every time someone scores i get so bad at the game you know i shoud stop now
This game is so dope
nice game!!!! COOL CHEESE TOO!!!!! XD VOTE ME UP!