Deadly Shutter

Deadly Shutter is an horror-themed rpg adventure game with ghosts developed by Chainlinkz Production
Deadly Shutter has been developed by Chainlinkz Production
On the day of their anniversary, Himeko and Kujiro decided to walk through a nearby forest but somehow they got lost and after a while they arrived in front of a eerie-looking house. Fascinated by the view, Kujiro managed to convince her boyfriend to enter the house but little did they knew that their romantic walk will soon turn into the most terrifying experience of their lives.
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Game Reviews

how do you save in this game?
LV 12nightsblood(6 months ago)
Pretty amazing game. Blue lanterns are save points, you can die so you must save. Great ending.
LV 5Geminate(6 months ago)
Really fun. It felt almost like i was playing Fatal frame and the camera functions and how to work it were a little awkward as well as character speed. kind of slow and chunky but still a good play and story. I cried, and that's hard to do with a story line not hard to do with jump scares.
LV 1KenzieAce(6 months ago)
This game is veeeeeeeery nice and cool!
LV 1LadyLuck(5 months ago)
is cool games :D
LV 1EVAXD(3 months ago)
I can't save the game?? I just randomly died by the ghost.. Whoever made this needs to update this game.
LV 1ChileLand(4 months ago)
Am I the only one getting the "TypeError Cannot read property 'location' of undefined" message after walking up to that house in the beginning of the game?
LV 1RageRandy1995(3 months ago)