TurkeyBonk is an whack-a-turkey game recommended for kids. TurkeyBonk features cute cartoonish graphics and funny sou developed by Dave Munsie
TurkeyBonk has been developed by Dave Munsie
Test your reflexes in this funny whack-a-turkey flash game. Make sure not to hit the gophers or you will loose precious time. Bonk the Turkeys as fast as you can and be the number one in our leader-board!
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Game Reviews

This game is so awesome!
Playing this at school, I just improved from rank 48 to rank 8!!!
hahahah turkeys are funny
too bad i couldn't find the mute button....
not fun ; ( how will they leat it be cool
its easy beasey lemon squeazy
Easy for the badges..
damn hamsters getting in my way! :/
i hate this game pffffffff
superb game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur at rank 42 not on 8 ok
that was kind of fun
is not recommended to play this game just you're up .... like i try to do
its very good game