Trollface Quest TrollTube

Trollface Quest TrollTube is an hilarious meme game with puzzle elements developed by PPLLAAYY
Trollface Quest TrollTube has been developed by PPLLAAYY
Can you think like a troll and complete a series of puzzle-based levels in this hilarious point and click game?
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Game Reviews

1. click the mouse till end and click the computer. 2. click the squirrel, click human, the squirrel, human and human. 3. click the phone, click 3310, click the phone. 4. click the right man, click the left man, click waist of right man, click the pink rectangle, click the left man. 5. click the point blue in the sky. 6. click the big rubbish bin, pull the man head down and pull up, click the man, click the cat. 7. click the pocket, click ear, click his face, click the alien. 8. click cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell pepper, click bowl, click nose, click bowl, click green circle. 9. click his face, click record button, click his face, click the laptop. 10. pull right the bucket, click the rubbish bin, click the man.
LV 2Lora(2 years ago)
coooooolest game eveer i realy enjoy it
LV 1kire123(1 year ago)
LV 1BlackMetalWeirdo(9 months ago)
i have no words spoken for this
LV 1peytonhunter(5 months ago)