Game Reviews

this game is rediculous... and funny.. love it..
Its really cool I like it. I noticed too that its the same type of drawing as those trolls games :3 but other than that i loved it.
stupid ducks i can't get them through!!!
the only way to get through the ducks is pressing the car. -hyjack
Hahaha, nice game , LOL epic fail...
This game is adorable. :3 I love the art stile its pretty cool to.
Leik This Game
awesome game 10/10 :D
very good game FAILMAN Best Superhero ever lol :D
how do i pass the second level
Finished xDD was easy lol
I mean, it's alright. He's kind of a dirtbag but witty all the same
omg love it xDDDD
oh never mind i made it :p good game :D