Flying Games

Play 'Newton's Law', a gravity based shooting game developed by Andrew McArthur

by Andrew McArthur

Help Newton, some average small cop clear up the Mall from the bad guys. It looks like someone ha...
Play 'Tiny Heli', a 3d helicopter sim game developed by

Unknown Author

Tired of driving the save vehicle day after day? How would you like to learn how to drive an heli...
4.84Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Jets of War', a 3d action shooting game with planes developed by

Unknown Author

Jump in your favorite military jet plane and perform various missions destroying ships and enemy ...
4.63Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Up in the Sky', a cute launching game with upgrades developed by Wizard Game Studio

by Wizard Game Studio

Help our cute little birdie reach for the skies! Use that huge rock to launch him in the air. Whi...
Play 'Dare Up', a wingsuiting game developed by V

by V

If you like extreme sports you will love this game. Put on your wingsuit and prepare for some adr...
4.50Mozilla Firefox only
Play 'Into Space 2', a fun rocket launching game with some cool upgrades developed by Dmitriy Kolyesnik

by Dmitriy Kolyesnik

Be a part of Mars Exploration Program! Use your skills to deliver the exploration robot to Mars. ...
Play 'Awesome Planes', a action shooter with upgrades developed by Alex. This game features badges.

by Alex

Upgrade your awesome plane and cause maximum destruction!
4.47badges enabled(6)
Play 'Endless Migration' developed by Jonathan Larkin. This game features badges.

by Jonathan Larkin

In this great endurance game you play as an canadian goose, who must reunite with his flock and g...
4.46badges enabled(4)
Play 'One More Line', a highly addictive one button flash game developed by SMG Studio

by SMG Studio

Use your skills to launch the space shuttle as far as possible in this addictive one button game....
Play 'Notebook Wars 3', a top down vertical flight shooting game with planes, cool weapons, huge bosses and tons of upgrades developed by Francisco Ferreres Garcia. This game features badges.

by Francisco Ferreres Garcia

Use your awesome plane to eliminate all the enemy units and structures. Gather coins and head to ...
4.44badges enabled(20)
Play 'DogFight2 The Great War' developed by RockSolidArcade

by RockSolidArcade

Play as the Germans in this sequel to Rock Solid's hit arcade shooter.
Play 'SkyFyre 2', a side scrolling shooting game with dragons, monsters and tons of upgrades developed by SoybeanSoft

by SoybeanSoft

Help Rynn to reach the Monster Kingdom and defeat the Monster King! Your trustworthy dragon fight...
Play 'Redshift' developed by Diseased Productions. This game features badges.

by Diseased Productions

Redshift is a side scrolling shooter with over 250 items which you'll need to use to beat a large...
4.41badges enabled(6)
Play 'Abduction Oddity' developed by Oddity

by Oddity

Use your tractor beam to pull the humans into your flying saucer. The more you collect the more m...
Play 'Frantic 2' developed by Polymer Rabbit

by Polymer Rabbit

Defeat endless enemies and 30 unique bosses to win! The game features lots of upgrades and unlock...
Play 'Not Your War', a top down vertical space shooter developed by Pawet Tyczkowski

by Pawet Tyczkowski

Help the inhabitants from Planet Rhea to get rid of the invaders.
Play 'Fly Hard', a launching game with upgrades and cool graphics developed by Alex

by Alex

Help Druce Willis to fly and build the best rocket by collecting as many coins as you can in flig...
Play 'Wings of Fury' developed by SpyroTheDragon

by SpyroTheDragon

The objective of the game is to find the Well of Souls and prevent the Dark Master from resurrect...