Wrath of The Titans

Wrath of The Titans is an 3d hack and slash adventure game with mythical creatures developed by WarnerBros
Wrath of The Titans has been developed by WarnerBros
Lead your centurions in battle against Kronos and his army of mythical creatures. Choose between Perseus and Andromeda and hack and slash your way through the encampment slaying monsters. Some mythical creatures such as the mighty cyclops will aid you in your quest. Keep an keen eye for chests since they often contain precious ammo for your ranged weapons and also try to destroy crates and pots for extra health.
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Game Reviews

The game broke when I used the 3rd skill.
LV 7BibiLapin(3 years ago)
i can't even play this.......
LV 13nightsblood(2 years ago)