The King of Fighters Wing full

The King of Fighters Wing full, a freeware game developed by FlashWing Studio
The King of Fighters Wing full has been developed by FlashWing Studio
One of the best flash fighting game in the internet up to now. The game is based on The king of fighters which is a very popular arcade fighting game.

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Game Reviews

man this game is hard as hell im over getten my ass woop who ever made this game you did a good job
shiz so close to beating orchi apperantly the stupid laptop died.
uve got an point there aces.
@ nigerhunter Racist
Magicmike1021 no one cares about call of duty. that game sucks.
i beat the game once with kyo and i unlocked KUSANAGI...sweet
this game is awsome it reminds me about the old street fighter games it is sweet
best game ever
love the game
YAY!! My favourite game ever!!
Rusty as hell, but I love the game.
its not as hard as the king of fighters 1.85
I know u want to see how far the rabbit hole go's so eat the red pill and add me . to die in a bath of ass kicking .........yea . vamps ........