Kuja: One Night in Kajaani

Kuja: One Night in Kajaani is an 2 players fighting game with ragdolls developed by Ville Siuruainen
Kuja: One Night in Kajaani has been developed by Ville Siuruainen
A funny ragdoll brawler to play with your friends. Fight your way out of the bar throwing punches left and right. Cooperate with your friends against the whole crew of the bar, or test your fighting skills by yourself. Are you an troublemaker or not?
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Game Reviews

FIRST!!!!!!! and this game is epic
LV 1mailk(3 years ago)
Who cares if you get first and this isn't enough of a game to be epic, its troll comments like that really tick me off
LV 1korpiklaani(3 years ago)
@66023 Actually the controls are like this because of it being a ragdoll game
LV 3AfterDarkSurvival(3 years ago)
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LV 1mustafa11(3 years ago)
I really love this game, it's a fun little game that had me laughing my ass off
LV 3AfterDarkSurvival(3 years ago)
Kuja, eräänä iltana Kajaanissa -suomalainen baari täynnä vihaisia, humalaisia ja riidanhaluisia ihmisiä ja ilma täynnä viinankatkua ja yöpakkasta - uskoakseni varsin täsmällinen kuvaus/simulaatio Kajaanilaisesta kapakasta valomerkin aikoihin -hauska peli kun tarvitsee tekemistä, piristää tylsää työpäivää
LV 5HMTheLICH(3 years ago)
it'a good game.but the controls mustbe improved the graphics as well very challenging too
LV 466023(3 years ago)