Hokuto No Ken

Hokuto No Ken, a freeware game developed by FlashKof.fr
Hokuto No Ken has been developed by FlashKof.fr
If you are a Hokuto No Ken fan, or a fan of fighting games you need to play this game. Is totally addicting.

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Game Reviews

You are already dead ^_^
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im third!!
damn dont know controls.
Looks fun.. I'm gonna play now. -^-^-
I like It.. But It's a demo.. :(
this game is offfffffffffffffffffffffffffff! t!he ccchhhhhaaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnn
if you press e ...you get the ultimate character GOKU!!!!!
very good, shame its only a demo :(
I admire the graphics,music,and the originality of the character,but the lack of control customization leaves much to be desired.