Gladiator: True Story

Gladiator: True Story is an 3d fighting game with lots of blood, weapons and enemies developed by XformGames
Gladiator: True Story has been developed by XformGames
Enter the arena and prove you are the next Spartacus! Face countless waves of enemies from the local gladiators to special challengers such as Joe The Henchman, Robin The Archer or even Hugo The T-Rex! New weapons will become available as you slay your opponents. Your gladiator will auto level-up once you earn enough experience. Remember...there's only one way out of the arena!
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Game Reviews

how do the creators of the game dunno what they are called know this game is based on a true story?....
Best game ever
i died in 30. wave
this is a pretty cool game to play and I recommend it to everyone even girls
Reached at wave 41 and died
This game is very addicting...got to wave 53!!!!!