Bible Fight

Bible Fight, a freeware game developed by AdultSwim
Bible Fight has been developed by AdultSwim
A fighting tournament between the various bible characters like jesus, satan, eve, moses...

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Game Reviews

5/5 this game is awsome and is it me or at one point can you see eves boob
LV 1(8 years ago)
its too bad justin bieber isnt in this game. i would kill him in the most horrible way possible. nemisis hates justin bieber!!!!
LV 7openrange117(7 years ago)
omg eve is freakin hot im gay thats why
LV 1(9 years ago)
bible fight!!!!!! add meh :)!!!!!
LV 1(8 years ago)
im not christian or any belief so i find t shit
LV 8cameron(8 years ago)
I like the concept of this game
LV 8bubbleblas(8 years ago)
my favorite game
LV 1(6 years ago)
yeah! stomp on jesus
LV 10TridentRPG(4 years ago)
Was awesome except for it won't finish loading when you try to fight god as the great lord Satan :( oh well. 4 stars for greatness, but not 5 for broken game.
LV 10TridentRPG(4 years ago)
play as jesus and win a battle once you do look were his camel toe toga or whatever is and you can see the side of his testicle
LV 3IntenseGAM1NG(3 years ago)