Game Reviews

I think it's good. It looks like a child drew everything but it kinda adds to the feeling the story tells.
LV 5Tanuki(4 years ago)
it doesn't go past the loading bar :(
LV 5BoxcutterJean(3 years ago)
rate 1 cute but hard to understand where im suppose to click
LV 5Tr1ckst3r(5 months ago)
fu*ck those guys that will start with counting from one to infinity
LV 5EclipseEclipse(5 years ago)
wow great game. its a great story.
LV 9Babettebbn(4 years ago)
sounds fun... wish i could play it! unfortunately for some reason it won't go past the loading bar..
LV 8fantabulousk(3 years ago)