Treasure Island Escape

Treasure Island Escape is an cute point and click adventure game for kids developed by Srdjan Susnic
Treasure Island Escape has been developed by Srdjan Susnic, Kevin MacLeod
A short point and click adventure game in which you have to escape from a treasure island. Check the island for items and use them to solve different puzzles that will help you escape from the island.
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Game Reviews

pretty fun short game. Almost all the pieces during this game were used in ways i would never have come up with. Also, i don't understand how points work in this game.
LV 7Razzilla(5 years ago)
How to get best time high score ?
LV 9Mr314(5 years ago)
i m on 51 :(
LV 3sweetypie1233(5 years ago)
good game
LV 3sweetypie1233(5 years ago)
thought it would be more fun.. hmm score 66... O.o had to quit since the boat i guess i was suppose to be on went away asap i did remove the anchor.. O.o and nothing to do with all stuff i found did click on all pages i could visit lol.. nada nothin not a zipp did happen.. boooring.. if i could do programming i got ideas to make that game a 1000000 times better.
LV 1Tuvstarr77(5 years ago)
LV 5SUCHARITA(5 years ago)
let's see.....
LV 5LuciferMorningstar(5 years ago)