Figurines Room

Figurines Room is an casual point and click room escape game developed by TomaTea
Figurines Room has been developed by TomaTea
Use your brain to solve different puzzles and escape the figurines room in this casual point and click adventure game.
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Game Reviews back of bed 2.Click left lamp 3.Take black light 4.go back to main room click top of dresser on right side of the bed 5.Look at vase (remember order of blank spots in the pattern) 6.go back to main room click shelf's in left corner small brown box shelf in the middle 8.enter order of the blank spots from the vase onto the box TIP:up, left, right, down, up 9.take the glue 10.Back to main room 11.back to the dresser on left side of bed top drawer button left (^) second from bottom left (^^^)14.go right three and click down arrow (v) 15:go down one and click double over arrow (<>) 18:go right two and click up arrow (^) 19: up one and click double arrow (<>>) 22:go right three click up arrow (^) 23:go up one click triple side arrows (<<<) 24:go left three click side arrow (>) 27:go right two click double side arrow (>>) 28:go right two click up arrow (^) 29.go up one click double side arrow (<<) 30.go left two click double down arrow (vv) 31.go down two click middle (x) TIP:you are making a path to the middle 32:take piece in drawer 33:go back to main room 34:turn right twice 35:click lamp on desk 35:click top of lamp 36:take light bulb 37:replace with black light 38:go back to desk 39:click over to the right some (there will be two pieces sitting on the desk) 40:turn on lamp (click white dot) 41:remember whats wrote down (M8M Downward triangle 1/2) 42:go back to main 43:click bottom drawers on cabinet 44:click top left drawer 45:enter 1317 enter 46:take piece and compass 47:click bottom right drawer take piece 48:go back to main room 49:turn left twice 50:click cabinet on right side of the bed (the double doors on the bottom) 51:click the compass (remember the pattern the compass shows) TIP: pattern goes -east, south, west, northwest, southeast, north 52:exit compass and click little black box on the door 53:enter in pattern 54:grab the crowbar 55:go back to main room 56:click head board 57: click left lamp and put in the light bulb (click the light bulb then click the lamp) 58:go back to head board 59:turn on both lamps (click the draw strings under each lamp) 60:remember the numbers 61:go back to main room 62:go right once 63:on the right painting click the top right corner, then the bottom left corner, then the bottom right corner, then the top left corner, bottom right corner, bottom left corner 64: take the key 65:go back to main room 66:turn right twice 67:click boards under windows 68:use crow bar to open second from the right in 69:take square from under wood 70:back to main room 71:click the cabinet drawers again 72: click the bottom left drawer 73:fallow pattern from paper found under the wood TIP: Going clockwise starting at the top..3rd, 6th, 1st, 5th, 4th, 2nd 74: take screw driver 75:go back to cabinet 76:click upper part (the shelf's) 77:click second shelf's statue 78:click underneath the shelf 79:click screwdriver 80:click the screw 81:take statue 82:go back to view of shelf's 83:click book on second shelf 84:click page once to view dots 85:remember pattern 86:go back to main 87:go right once 88:click top shelf in right corner (the statue's shelf) 89:fallow colors according to patter TIP: patterns colors go green, red, blue, yellow 90:go back to main 91:turn left once 92:click drawers again 93:click top right drawer 94:enter in colors in order (green, red, blue, yellow) 95:take piece in drawer 96:go back to main 97:click right of cabinet 98:use crow bar to open box under the tree 99:take statue inside 100:go back to main 101:click desk (where the pieces lie) 102: click pieces you found then click desk between the two pieces on the desk 103:click glue then broken statue 104:take the statue 105:go back to main 105:look at the bottom of the statues (click each of them twice it will show you) TIP: the bottoms are circle, square, and star 106:turn left once 107:click box on left side of the door 108:use key on box 109:put the matching statue on each spot (circle on circle square on square star on star) 110:take key 111:use key on door and WIN!!!! HOPE THIS HELPED!
LV 6lalastevans(5 years ago)
used...too...much...brain... power
LV 8Airythne(5 years ago)
-clicks millions of times- Like a boss~
LV 6lalastevans(5 years ago)
i finished it...=w= very very harddd
LV 1amea(5 years ago)
i love point and clicks
LV 3Resmond(5 years ago)
Game wasn't too hard. Just more time consuming than anything. Great way to spend 5 minutes.
LV 4seelenernte(5 years ago)