Eien is an challenging point and click maze game developed by Jacek Witczynski
Eien has been developed by Jacek Witczynski & Mateusz Skutnik
I remember darkness and silence everywhere but now something has changed. Solve puzzles and find a way to escape Eien labyrinth.
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Game Reviews

For the first puzzle, the one in the entrance with the squares, in the first line press the second and the fourth buttons (I - 24), for the second line press the first and the third buttons (II - 13), for the third line press second and third buttons (III - 23), for the fourth line press first and fourth buttons (IV - 14) and finnaly for the fith line press first and second buttons (V - 12). Keep in mind that every puzzle from now on can be solved if you find the clue and interpret it correctly.
LV 4Kain897(3 years ago)
i like it,,must play
LV 10saadia(3 years ago)
Can somebody help me out here? I'm stuck at this square puzzle thing at the entrance.
LV 4roseflame19(3 years ago)
I'm stuck on the part where there are two round puzzle things... D:
LV 7LoveAddiction08(3 years ago)
for the 2nd puzzle click the pad that you put the first note into. click twords the top you will then get the answer to the 2nd puzzle!!!! XD
LV 7AnotherGirlGamer(3 years ago)
i just wanna say i beat the game so therefore it is beatable! :) i loved it
LV 7AnotherGirlGamer(3 years ago)
a omg is over?
LV 1lykaspars(3 years ago)
For the second red dots puzzle, You'll need to go back for the first square puzzle. Click on the uppermost part of the puzzle. You'll see a red sphere and a button or the upper right. Press it, and it'll show a lit-up symbol and it'll give you a note. Press what's on the note on the red dot thing and there you go~ I hope this helped
LV 1Chesticles(3 years ago)
for the one when the purple dots turn white do 2 and 7 on the left and 4 and 6 on the right.
LV 1bluefirewarfare(3 years ago)
i completed,,,,nice game...
LV 10saadia(3 years ago)