Game Reviews

How do you do this!? Stupid skeletons....>:C
Very bad game..Doesn't deserve to be on GameShed.
easy game, the ones calling this stupid and a bad game are probably the same people who dont know how to play it and keep getting caught easy
this game is $ucks! it doesn't submit my score i got 2000+..!!
Just because you can't play a puzzle game don't dis it. It isn't the most fun game I have played but if you like puzzle games, you might like it. I am going to play it some more.
what a cute game
race is a hacker, and i really dont like these skeletons, they are mean! XD
i hate skiny sceletns and gues wat when you play when the game is new it is 1 billan better
Pretty good game. Easy enough to play, just have to pay attention to the skeletons and to where you're going.
quite easy to get gold!!!!
Too Easy. Just get to the blue orb. Maneuver your way away from the skulls and towards as many orbs to rack up points!
The game is glitched. I made gold a few times and points haven't gone up at all!
please advise the developer of this game to improve this
is hard to play